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Who we are?

The Pakistan Muslim League (N) is a political party in Pakistan. It is led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The Pakistan Muslim League was founded in 1962, as a successor to the previously disbanded Muslim League, and gained the (Nawaz) or (N) in 1993 for its leader, Nawaz Sharif. PML(N) established its office in Ireland in October 2008.

What we do?

PML(N) Ireland is established to promote and protect national interests, including in the wider context, a peaceful, unified, stable, safe and prosperous Pakistani community in Ireland and in the International community as a whole. It is striving to develop links with other political and social welfare organizations to undertake social welfare activity for the betterment of Irish Pakistani community.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to develop and spread the idea of friendship and fraternity among the people of Ireland and to develop & promote the general understanding and interest of Pakistani Community in PML (N) manifesto in its true meaning. This would help to support and promote civil societies based on the rule of law, democracy, liberty, universal values, human rights, and fair and equal access to resources.

Our mission and vision

Our vision is a strong, democratic, developed, prosperous and just Pakistan in which every citizen enjoys equal opportunities to develop and grow without any discrimination and a harmonious society based on universal principles of social justice as enshrined in golden teachings of Islam.


The Pakistan Muslim League (N) emphasized the role of free markets and individual achievement as the primary factors behind economic prosperity.


PMLN’s National Health Program is a milestone towards social welfare reforms; ensuring that the identified under-privileged citizens across the country get access to their entitled medical health care.

Science and politics

PMLN takes credit for authorizing first nuclear tests (Chagai-I and Chagai-II) amid international pressure. It is also responsible for establishing the Pakistan Antarctic Program as part of its science and technology strategy.

Foreign policy

The party has been long advocated for broader and stronger relations with United States, China, United Kingdom, European Union, Singapore, Malaysia, and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and India.


Education is a necessity for man after food, clothing, and shelter therefore, it is among the top most priorities of the government and the PML-N leadership is making strenuous efforts for the provision of education to every doorstep.

Environmental policies

The environmental PSA were regularly announced paid by the government to enhance and promote the environmental awareness in public.


Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Father of the Nation
Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Philosopher of Pakistan
Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Party Leader (QUAID)
Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

Party Leader (President)
Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar

Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar

President International Affairs
Barrister Amjad Malik

Barrister Amjad Malik

Chief Coordinator PMLN International Affairs & Overseas Pakistanis
Noor Ul Hasan Tanveer

Noor Ul Hasan Tanveer

Secretary General International Affairs


PML(N) Team in Ireland

Hafiz Ameer Ali Awan
Cheif Co-ordinator PMLN - Europe
Zubair Gul
President PMLN - UK & Europe
Ahsan ullah Chatha
President PMLN - Ireland
Mazhar Hussian
Secretary General PMLN - Ireland
Faisal Ahmed Mirza
Information Secretary & President Youth Wing PMLN - Ireland
Nawaz Zai
Member CEC & President Professional's Wing PMLN - Ireland
Shahid Munir
Senior Vice President PMLN - Ireland
Tasawar Rafiq
Senior Vice President
Owais bin Sami
Vice President PMLN - Ireland
Muhammad Adeel
Vice President Youth Wing Dublin(West) PMLN - Ireland
Dr. Mudassar Ali Sheikh
Vice President PMLN - Ireland
Abad Ali Gujar
Co-ordinator PMLN - Ireland
Waqas Ahmed Mirza
Senior Vice President Youth Wing
Attah-ullah Awan
Member CWC PMLN - Ireland
Mobin Qureshi
Sec Infotmation
Nadeem Akhtar
President Youth Wing AJK wing
Zeshan haider
Vice President) youthwing
Sohail ahmad meloo
Vice President
Ch chand tarar
Vice President Youth Wing
Ch imtiaz nazir
Co ordinator Youth Wing
Jabar duggal
Co ordinator Youth Wing
Malik Muhammed asghar
Vice President
Shahaan Javed
Member - CEC
Adeel Chaudhry
Member - CEC
Waleed kaloya
Member - CEC
Aslam Qureshi
Member - CEC
Muhammed Ashraf
Member - CEC
Habib Satti
Member - CEC
Adrees Satti
Member - CEC
Mohsin Munir
Vice President Youth Wing
Tayyab ali
Member - CEC
Gohar ali
Member - CEC
Raja Hafeez ullah
Member - CEC
Mirza Zain ul abdeen
Member - CEC
Abdul hadi sohal
Media Co ordinator
Ch Umer hayat
Member - CEC
Mushtaq Anjum
Member - CEC

Your Support make help us

Support the Pakistan Muslim League for the bright future of Pakistan.Our workers, the party’s base and valuable investments- the party performs the service of the public through its workers.

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